Eclipse launcher

The eclipse laucnher on MacOSX has the following problem:

If you store it in dock it creates a second icon.

Current architecure of the Eclipse launcher:

  • an LSUIElement=1 application, => won’t have a Dock icon. It just shows a startup screen while launching the eclipse.
  • java: will have an eclipse icon, but the location is /usr/bin/java, so will be a diffrent item in the dock.


  1. shall not be an LSUIElement 1 application, so that it will appear in the dock when running.
  2. The application that shows the startupscreen shall be an LSUIElement 1 application. Packaged inside
  3. OSX shall be fooled when launching /usr/bin/java to think that is has launched from the location.

Fooling the system about the location of the laucnhed(/usr/bin/java) application:

We have 3 solutions:

  1. Before laucnhing set CFProcessPath, to the bundle executable. It works, but someone has to kill the CFProcessPath variable after eclipse started otherwise all programs started from eclipse will be behaving like it has the location. Unfortunatedly this doesn’t seems to work. Event tough the CFGetMainBundle will return the correct thing. (Eclipse package instead of Java) It won’t have the correct location displayed in the dock for Show Original. It’ll also create a different icon if the icon is in the dock.
  2. Launch with a command like this:
    This causes java to be started but when CFBundleGetMainBundle called it will return the Eclipse bundle.
  3. Write a custom java launcher app.

Runtime behaviour with (2):

  1. User clicks tha
  2. OSX starts executing and bounches the icon
  3. Eclipse app forks, and starts EclipseLaucnher. The quits bouncing stops.
  4. EclipseLaucnher starts /usr/bin/java, and fakes as the process location, this causes the icon to appear.

See Eclipse Bug 53260, cannot keep eclipse app in the Dock.


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